Sciatic nerve pain symptoms

Symptoms of Sciatic nerve pain

Symptoms of Sciatic nerve pain
Symptoms of Sciatic nerve pain

Sciatic nerve pain usually changes only one side of the human body. Nevertheless, symptoms can vary from small pain to extreme distress.

  • Lower back pain.
  • Pain on one side of the human body ranging from the buttocks to the leg. Pain is seldom on either side of the human body.
  • Pain subsides when lying down.
  • Sharp pains in the lower back and leg areas.
  • Weakness or numbness down the leg and upon transferring the leg or foot.
  • Difficultly walking or standing.
  • Foot and toe pain.

Therefore, if you’ve got any of the preceding symptoms, it might very well be sciatica!

One final thing, if you’re experiencing the sciatica symptoms that describe decline of function as in drop foot or loss of bladder or bowel control we propose immediate consultation with your physician. Your nerves are too crucial that you be thoughtless with.

In addition, if pain symptoms are in both legs it might be an indicator of bilateral sciatica. Please seek immediate medical attention if you experience any of both of these symptoms.

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